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“For a long time, the insurance company wanted to pay me nothing because I had returned to work so quickly after the accident. However, I was suffering pain on a daily basis. Wynperle helped by recommending health care professionals to provide me with the best treatment available. I am pleased that I chose Allen Wynperle to be my lawyer and I highly recommend him.”

K.P., Grimsby (Accident Claim)

“I came to Wynperle Law after a slip and fall injury. Allen and his staff were efficient and trustworthy. They always treated me with respect, offered guidance and continue to do so whenever I call for advice.”

M.L., Hamilton (Slip & Fall Injury Claim)

“Initially, the insurance company did not want to pay me because I had returned to work. In fact, I received a promotion after my return to work following the accident. Despite my return to work, Wynperle Law was able to prove my potential for early retirement and future loss of income claims. I am happy to recommend them.”

L.J., Hamilton (Accident Claim)


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