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From motorcycle accidents to spinal cord injuries to medical malpractice, the world of personal injury law can be confusing. Our lawyers in Hamilton understand this and are here to answer your questions. If you’re unsure how to proceed or want more information for your situation, contact Wynperle Law and let us help you!

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We understand that the trauma and uncertainty of a serious injury can be overwhelming. But there are several steps that must be taken immediately and a number of critical decisions that need to be made to ensure your protection.

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There is no cost or risk to find out if a Guelph personal injury lawyer can help you. Simply fill out this form to get started.


This online assessment is non-binding and does not represent any form of retainer of any law firm. Any limitation periods remain strictly the responsibility of the sender until a formal retainer agreement has been signed.

Personal Injury Lawyer in Hamilton

Why Wynperle Law?

Our personal injury lawyers provide clients with courteous professionalism that achieves results. We handle negotiations, claims, and court proceedings while working with you to acquire documents and review the case. Wynperle Law believes that personal injury law can only be practiced by compassionate and caring lawyers. Every day, we’re here to help you through the new challenge you’re facing and protect your rights.

Areas of Practice

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Motor Vehicle Accidents

Whether you were in a bike, boat, or motorcycle accident, have a Hamilton car accident lawyer argue your case and help you heal from the trauma.

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Personal Injury

We will acquire the compensation you need to deal with your burns, fractures, and other types of personal injury. We are among the top personal injury lawyers of Toronto, Hamilton, and the rest of Ontario.

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Defective Product

Our personal injury lawyers in Hamilton will investigate your claim and conduct interviews to fully understand your case.

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Medical Malpractice

We look into medical negligence and malpractice from nursing, surgical and other types of errors. We cover a vast area within the medical field, including birth injuries and misdiagnoses.

Claims & Liability icon

Claims & Liability

You need the best representation to go up against insurance companies and corporations. Our Hamilton personal injury lawyers know how to handle these proceedings, so you can receive the compensation you deserve. Our claims and liability practice includes wrongful death, breach of contract, and disability.

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Assault Law

Domestic abuse and sexual assault cause physical, psychological, and emotional trauma, but with our assistance, we can get you the resources you need to work through and move on from the experience. Find out why you need an assault lawyer.

After being involved in a life-changing situation, you need someone in your corner to take on the fight for you. Hamilton personal injury lawyers support the community and strive to bring order and justice to the province.

Help is only a call or click away, so get in touch with a Wynperle personal injury lawyer today.

Success Stories

View our clients’ testimonials of how we expertly handled their cases in Hamilton and the rest of Ontario

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