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In Canada, thousands grapple with spinal cord injuries. In fact, the Praxis Spinal Cord Institute notes around 86,000 individuals are living with spinal cord injuries with approximately 4,300 new cases annually.

Spinal injuries carry lasting consequences for individuals and their family members, requiring a lifetime of medical care, ongoing rehabilitation, and imposing considerable financial challenges.

If you or a loved one has faced a spinal cord injury, enlist the support of Wynperle Law’s accomplished Guelph personal injury lawyers. Trust in their expertise to protect your rights and navigate the legal complexities of your case.

The guidance of our legal team will help you effectively deal with your insurance company’s disability claims process and give you the best chance at receiving the compensation you need for recovery.

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Understanding Spinal Cord Injuries

Whether caused by falls, motor vehicle accidents, or violence, spinal cord injuries are complex. The fragile nerves of the spinal cord, responsible for sensation and movement, can be damaged, leading to lasting consequences.

Spinal cord injuries (SCIs) typically fall into two categories: incomplete and complete. In an incomplete SCI, the cord is partially damaged, causing some loss of function. Conversely, a complete SCI involves a fully severed cord, often resulting in paralysis and significant health complications.

The recovery timeline for a catastrophic injury to the spinal cord can span from a few months to several years, and, in some unfortunate cases, full recovery may not be possible. Rehabilitation, combined with medication and surgery, are imperative in addressing the damage SCIs cause and mitigating it as much as it can be.

The Costs That Come With Spinal Cord Injuries

Managing traumatic spinal cord injuries requires expensive interventions like rehabilitation, medication, and surgery. The cumulative costs over time can be considerable, putting financial strain on spinal cord injury victims and their families.

Depending on the severity of the spinal injuries, which can sometimes be accompanied by a traumatic brain injury, comprehensive rehabilitation and specialized apparatuses may be required for mobility and pain management. This could involve wheelchair ramps, modified vehicles, and home modifications aimed at addressing the specific needs of the injured person.

Effective management of spinal cord injuries also often includes the long-term use of medication to alleviate pain, muscle spasms, and other complications. The ongoing costs of medications, combined with regular medical check-ups to monitor and adjust treatment only increase the financial fallout of spinal cord injuries.

When added to the costs of surgery to repair spinal damage or address complications like infections and pressure sores, the financial toll can often be unmanageable for accident victims. That’s why legal expertise is crucial. A Guelph personal injury lawyer can assist you in obtaining compensation to address medical expenses, lost wages, and other injury-related costs, allowing you to concentrate on recovery without financial stress.

What To Do If You Have A Spinal Cord Injury

In the aftermath of a spinal cord injury, prioritizing immediate medical attention is essential. Quickly getting a diagnosis and treatment play a pivotal role in mitigating the long-term effects.

In the evaluation of a spinal cord injury’s extent and severity, your doctor may suggest imaging tests such as CT scans or MRIs. These tests are instrumental in pinpointing and assessing spinal damage, enabling the creation of a treatment plan tailored to your individual needs and a medical record of your injury.

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Following medical attention, it’s important to seek advice from lawyers with extensive experience in personal injury cases. Personal injury lawyers specializing in spinal cord injuries can clarify your legal options and potential compensation. The availability of detailed medical documentation for your spinal cord injury is key, empowering your lawyer to construct a compelling case and advocate for the compensation you rightfully deserve. 

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