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Sexual Assault and Domestic Abuse Lawyers in Hamilton, Ontario

The reports of assault and abuse are appalling: a drunk driver seriously injures two young people after being over-served at a local bar; a youth sports league organization hires a sex offender without thoroughly investigating that person’s background; an organization fails to see a pattern of abuse from a teacher, leader or religious figure.

Often, catastrophic personal injury is thought of only in terms of accidents that were avoidable at the moment they occurred such as a car crash or a faulty product; but in cases of assaults and abuse, you may have the need to pursue legal remedies when a larger organization or business should have reasonably prevented the assault or abuse. We rely on organizations such as community groups, cultural organizations, religious organizations, school boards and other professional groups to care for our loved ones. When those organizations fail to keep them safe from attack, abuse, molestation or rape and even death, the violation extends beyond the attacker. Failure or a pattern of failure by an organization that takes responsibility for the protection of an innocent person can be legally negligent.

An assault can cause both physical injury and psychological damage that can last a lifetime. If the police have investigated the assault, the Criminal Injuries Compensation Board can help to ensure basic compensation. In many cases, victims can also obtain compensation from bars or restaurants that over-serve alcohol which may have contributed to the vicious behaviour of their patron.

If you have suffered abuse or an assault, be it physical, sexual or on the job, this can often be both a criminal and a civil matter. Our expertise in this area of law is extensive, and our ability to carry through on the civil side of any type of abuse or assault case is formidable, as is our track record.

If you or a loved one have suffered abuse or an assault, contact us today to find out your rights in this matter and discuss representation.

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